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Looking for a General Dentist? Call Reiser Dental!

General dentistry is a broad category, so when you choose your general dentist, you want one who understands all facets of this specialty.  Reiser Dental is your go-to for general dentistry in the Denver area.  Our experienced team can take care of routine cleanings, as well as specialized appointments for root canals, fillings, and more. Beyond general dentistry, we also provide an extensive of options within the area of cosmetic dentistry. Even if this is your first time seeing a dentist in years, we’re ready to help. Our comfortable office is open to patients with any condition or medical history, and we treat each patient with an individualized approach to their care and needs.  Learn more about our general dentistry procedures and services.

Visit Us for Your Regular Dental Cleanings

At Reiser Dental, our team performs comprehensive dental cleanings, complete with a full oral exam, x-rays, cleaning, polishing, and any additional treatments you may require.   We start by scraping the plaque and tartar off your teeth, then we polish your pearly whites with a gritty toothpaste designed to reach stubborn bacteria and add a special shine. We then finish off your treatment with a fluoride rinse to protect your teeth from cavities in the future.

Preventative Measures and General Dental Treatment

Preventative work is a big part of general dentistry. At Reiser Dental, we want to help you take care of oral health problems before they become a more expensive and time-consuming issue. We can provide dental sealants, as well as advice on how to properly care for your teeth at home. The adage goes that prevention is the best medicine, and we want to assist you in avoiding costly procedures down the road.

Ask About X-Rays at Your Next Visit

When you visit Reiser Dental for your appointment, we may ask to take some digital x-rays of the inside of your mouth and teeth. These images go a long way in determining any underlying conditions and preventing future health problems. For example, we might find evidence of tooth decay, and in some cases, signs of cancer. Although x-rays may seem like no big deal, the information we receive from them is vital to your oral health. We will take careful note of when you last had x-rays and when you are due for them and will be sure to stay on top of knowing the current state of your oral health.

Address Cavities at Reiser Dental

Many of us have had a cavity before and have needed a filling. These general dental procedures might seem stressful to some, but our empathetic team can provide you with a filling for this cavity, with little discomfort to you. Our staff is always friendly and happy to make you feel more comfortable in the dentist’s chair. We’ll complete the procedure as quickly as possible without sacrificing quality so you can get back to your daily routine with little interruption.  Our dental team is always sure to address cavities with dental fillings right away.

Need a Dental Crown?

Sometimes a filling isn’t quite enough to correct your dental problem. In these cases, Reiser Dental might suggest a crown for the tooth that has decayed.  We recommend crowns for patients with a badly damaged or decayed tooth, and even offer same-day services for those with a busy schedule.  Our team can walk you through the placement process, the materials in your dental crown, and even how they’re made. They are done with state-of-the-art equipment and precision.

Consider Bridges as a Restorative Option

Dental bridges are another of our commonplace general dental procedures. At Reiser Dental, we recommend this solution for individuals missing several teeth in a row and that is desiring to regain their natural appearance and ability to eat normally. Bridges are an excellent choice for patients with otherwise good oral health who don’t want to spend the extra money on dental implants. Be sure to ask our staff if dental bridges are a good choice for your circumstances.

Schedule an Appointment for General Dentistry Services

No matter your current oral health, we provide general dental treatment customized to you and your individual needs. At Reiser Dental, we treat our patients like family and we get to know each and every one of you.  It is our mission to offer you the best quality care possible. Top-notch training, along with empathy for our patients, makes us stand out from other dental clinics in the Denver area.  Regardless of which general dentistry services you need, contact us today to make an appointment.